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Passover Passover is the Jewish Spring festival, which celebrates the theme of Freedom through the active remembering of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. We retell the story of the Exodus at the Pesach Seder, as we read through the Haggadah and enjoy a festive meal.  On Pesach we are prohibited from eating bread and other leavened food for the entire week of the festival - instead, we eat Matzah. Pesach kicks off with the first Seder, this year falling on Friday night, March 30th.  Please note there will be NO Shabbat service at Temple Emanu-El that Friday night. The second seder will take place on Saturday night, March 31st- join is for our annual community second seder - reservations are due soon, so please RSVP now!  On the last day of Pesach, Friday, April 6th, please join us for a 10:30am Passover service followed by a potluck dairy Kosher for Passover lunch!  For more information on this and other Jewish holidays, please check out  reformjudaism.org.

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guitarCan't get enough of Emanu-El music? Enjoy these recordings of our very own Cantor Marer:

Shalom Aleichem



Avinu Malkeinu

Ldor Vador

Oseh Shalom - led by Temple Emanu-El's Religious School Students, May 2016

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Social Action

Tzedakah in February is going to support the New Jersey State Veterans Home at Menlo Park. Operated by the state's Department of Veterans Affairs, the home serves over 300 veterans, men and women.  The money you put in the tzedakah box will help purchase new clothes for residents.  The home is unable to accept used clothing due to infection control policies, and therefore the home stocks a Clothing Room for the residents' use.


Our Youth is Our Future

Check out highlights from Temple Emanu-El's youth programming

BirthrightBirthright - Free Trip to Israel

If you are aged 18 -26, you could be eligible for a FREE trip to Israel.  Consider going with Kesher, the only Birthright trip affiliated with the Reform movement.  


Kolaynu - the voices of Temple Emanu-El

Read our current edition of the Kolaynu, Temple Emanu-El's monthly newsletter. Click HERE for the archive of past editions of the Kolaynu.

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